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One-to-one Consultations


Prior to the initial consultation, a questionnaire will be sent to be completed and returned with a 3-day food diary. Some preparatory work can then be done in advance of the first consultation.


Typically the initial consultation lasts about 75 minutes. During this time, the following topics provide the core of the consultation: 

  • current health concerns

  • symptoms

  • diagnosis and treatment

  • medical history

  • family history

  • lifestyle

  • levels of physical activity

  • use of medication and supplements

  • diet.


Once we have established what you would like to achieve, contributing factors such as lifestyle practices, nutritional imbalances, environmental and genetic interactions are discussed. A personalised programme will then be put together which may include dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and supplement recommendations.   Further diagnostic testing either via your GP or a private lab may form part of the recommendations.  Tests conducted via private labs will incur an additional cost. 


Follow-up consultations are generally made for 4-6 weeks later and last about 40 minutes to monitor progress, adjust the programme and/or discuss any lab results if carried out. Depending on your progress, further consultations may be arranged.



Consultations are bound by confidentiality agreements and any personal data held is done so following Data Protection guidelines.


The Process


This diagram provides an overview of the Nutritional Therapy process that can be expected at a one-to-one confidential consulation. Highlighted below are the different areas that can impact our health. By focusing on a goal or health concern, these areas and their possible imbalances are assessed. A collaboration then takes place in building a tailored programme that provides appropriate and realistic dietary and lifestyle guidance. 



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